Horizons Trust Gambia is one of three charities that support this ambition of high quality healthcare for all Gambians. Horizons Trust UK and Horizons Foundation USA also raise funds for the work of Horizons Trust Gambia to develop and implement outreach services; for Horizons Training Centre and training programme; and to pay for the care of at-risk mothers, pregnant women and infants under the age of two years at Horizons Clinic.

What we do

A major focus of Horizons Trust Gambia’s activities will be aimed at capacity building. Training and continued professional development are key elements of this. The Gambia and other West African countries have a critical shortage of trained health workers (Scaling up, Saving Lives, WHO 2008). Sub-Saharan Africa alone needs 1.5 million more health workers to provide basic health services for its population. Whilst there is a need to train community and mid-level health professionals, the Trust’s immediate priority will be in training the trainers (specialised health professionals) and ensuring that there is a programme in place for continued professional development.

Horizon Trust Gambia will work with the local medical school and nursing colleges to participate in teaching and to offer the Horizons Clinic as a centre of excellence for clinical attachment and training for doctors, nurses and other health professionals. Training will be offered in Public Health including health services, leadership, management and administration.


  • Quality/Excellence
  • Good Governance/Integrity
  • Commitment to Caring and Safety
  • Respect/Cooperation
  • Entrepreneurial philanthropy
  • Capacity building
  • Sustainability


Horizons Trust Gambia's charitable activities include training and capacity building, development and support of outreach healthcare facilities, eradication of fistulas, reduction of maternal and childhood mortality and improvement of maternal and child health.

Specific objectives of the Trust include:

  • To relieve sickness and suffering amongst the poor and under-privileged citizens of The Gambia
  • To increase access to high caliber quality healthcare for all Gambians.
  • To reduce and where possible eliminate or eradicate the common communicable diseases through a network of community based outreach centres or services in the targeted communities.
  • To offer specialist healthcare services to pregnant women and children under two years old.
  • To complement the efforts of the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare and its other partners working in both the public and private domains in the implementation of the National Health Policy and programmes of the Government of The Gambia.
  • To support capacity building in the Gambian Health sector by complementing the training of doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers.
  • To boost confidence of potential

Our Trustees