Dr. Lamin Jonsaba Marenah - ORG., BSc, PhD, DSc (hc)

Dr Marenah gained a Certificate in Agriculture (Kirkley Hall Farm Institute); BSc Agric (Durham University), and two postgraduate diplomas in agriculture from University of Cambridge and Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture in Trinidad. He was awarded postgraduate honours (2.1) in agricultural botany (Durham University) in 1962 and PhD (Newcastle University) in 1966. He was the first Gambian male student to gain a doctorate and the first Gambian to be awarded a PhD in a science subject. He was President of the Africa Society at Newcastle in 1963. He was appointed agricultural learner in the Department of Agriculture in 1952, the first Gambian agricultural officer in 1958 and first Gambian Director of the Department of Agriculture in 1967. Dr Marenah served on the scientific and technical committees of African Groundnut Council and West Africa Rice Development Association.

In 1971, Dr Marenah was awarded the Medal of the Order of the Brilliant Star by the Republic of China (Taiwan), and in 1975 the ORG (Officer of the National Order of the Republic of The Gambia) for services to agriculture.

Dr Marenah worked for FAO (1976‐93) in Somalia and its Regional Office for Africa, Accra, Ghana. As Regional Adviser on plant production and protection, importance was also attached to on‐farm trials and demonstrations to prove to farmers and policymakers the social and economic benefits of adopting promising new technologies, and technical assistance to crop production and processing by women groups in Ghana. He was the first Director General of the National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) in 1994 and first Chair of the Governing Council of the University of The Gambia in 1999. He is proud father (one son & two daughters) and grandfather (two granddaughters).