Delivering Harm Free Birth Care

  Read MoreThe project team led by Horizons Trust Gambia in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, set out to develop an evidence-based safety checklist for birth partners to complete in collaboration with midwives. The aim was to support the delivery of harm free care and to raise awareness about when things should happen during labour and why. The checklist was designed to enable birth partners to track events in real time and to encourage interaction with midwives during deviations from the normal anticipated progress of labour.

Restructuring of Antenatal Care

  Read MoreHorizons Trust Gambia in collaboration with Ministry of Health and other stakeholders worked to redesign the antenatal care for all high-risk pregnancies. The new service offers a more 'one stop' experience for patients. A patient with a multiple pregnancy and hypertension would, for example, have an ultrasound scan, blood pressure monitoring and a specialist clinic appointment during one visit.

Infection Prevention Control

  Read MoreHorizons Trust Gambia teamed up with Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and Jammeh Foundation Hospital to examine the degree to which healthcare workers are engaging with the issue of IPC and how we can empower people to take responsibility for driving infection rates down. Within a year of the study, Horizons Trust Gambia hopes to see a measurable shift in culture that supports wider efforts to avoid infection in maternal wards.